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Contribution accepted

The Journal welcomes the following kinds of contributions:

  • unpublished articles
  • works analysis
  • reviews
  • bibliographical notes

Unpublished articles: articles presenting the results of ongoing researches, both at a theoretical and experimental level.

Minimum length: 10.000 characters (including spaces). Maximum length: 50.000 characters (including spaces).

Work analysis: articles aiming to contribute to the scientific debate moving from the publication of a work judged relevant for the advancement of knowledges in a specific field of research in linguistic and/or literary sciences.

Minimum length: 6.000 characters (including spaces). Maximum length: 24.000 characters (including spaces).

Reviews: contribution highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of works concerning linguistic and/or literary sciences. The review must comprehend an evaluation of the work. The Journal accepts reviews of works published in the two year preceding to the publication of the issue.

Minimum length: 4.500 characters (including spaces). Maximum length: 13.500 characters (including spaces).

Bibliographical notes: brief contributions to advise of articles or volumes published in the two years preceding the publication of the issue. The notes must NOT present a critical evaluation, they must simply be a recommendation of works considered worth of notice.

Maximum length for a note on an article in a journal: 800 characters (including spaces)

Maximum length for a note for a volume: 1.500 characters (including spaces).