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Sarah Bigi & Chiara Pollaroli | Marco Passarotti | Giovanni Palmieri | Jadranka Cergol | Alice Crosta | Elisa Ramazzina | Sara Scarpellini |  Federica Venier


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DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Sarah Bigi e Chiara Pollaroli, La costruzione delle preferenze dei consumatori/ pazienti: il concetto di ‘alimentazione sana’ nei messaggi pubblicitari di prodotti alimentari
In this article we discuss how commercials about food contribute to the construc-tion of the concepts of ‘healthy, natural and genuine food’. We analyze a corpus of interviews by identifying all the passages in which consumers speak about products providing reasons for considering them ‘natural’ or ‘healthy’. By analyzing the ar-gumentation schemes and by relating them to the multimodality in the commer-cials, we describe the reasoning underlying consumers’ motivations.
Keywords: preferences; decision making; argumentative schemes; multimodal discourse analysis.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Marco Passarotti, How Far Is Stanford from Prague (and vice versa)? Comparing Two Dependency-based Annotation Schemes by Network Analysis
The paper evaluates the differences between two currently leading annotation schemes for dependency treebanks. By relying on four treebanks, we demonstrate that the treatment of conjunctions and adpositions represents the core difference between the two schemes and that this impacts the topological properties of the linguistic networks induced from the treebanks. We also show that such properties are reflected in the performances of four probabilistic dependency parsers trained on the treebanks.
L’articolo valuta le differenze tra i due principali schemi di annotazione a dipenden-ze in uso. Sulla base di quattro treebank, l’articolo dimostra che il trattamento delle congiunzioni e delle pre/postposizioni rappresenta la differenza principale tra i due schemi e che ciò comporta delle conseguenze sulle proprietà topologiche dei net-work indotti dalle treebank. Inoltre, si dimostra come tali proprietà siano riflesse nell’accuratezza di quattro parser probabilistici a dipendenze addestrati sulle treebank.
Keywords: treebank, syntax, network analysis, natural language processing
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Giovanni Palmieri, Saussure chiama, pascoli risponde. Nuove prospettive sulla ricerca anagrammatica
After a wide historical-philological reconstruction of the correspondence between Saussure and Pascoli, the article suggests new perspectives on the anagrammatic re-search. In particular Saussure could have discovered the “significants” and the “par-adigmatic series” thanks to his research on the phonics associations which are pre-sent in the anagrammatic structures of the language. An imaginary letter, which may be not so imaginary, closes the article by showing how Pascoli could have an-swered to Saussure regarding the issue of the anagrams included in the poetic text.
Keywords: anagram, hypogram, intentionality, vocal figure, autonomy of the signif-icants, games of signs, paradigmatic series, Freud.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Jadranka Cergol, Some typological features of ‘minority’ literature: the case of the Slovenian and Italian minorities
The aim of the article is to problematize the use of the term ‘minority’ literature. The term proposed by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari proves to be too narrow and applicable only to a part of the variety of minority literatures. The aim of the article is therefore to provide a new definition of ‘minority literature’ by taking into ac-count literature written by two minority groups, Slovenes living in Italy and Ital-ians living in Slovenia and Croatia. The article even goes a step forward and poses the question whether ‘minority literature’ could be regarded as a completely inde-pendent supranational literary system.
Keywords: minority literature, regional literature, Slovenes in Italy, Italians in Slo-venia and Croatia, interculturalism
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Alice Crosta, Manzoni e la rivoluzione degli Stati Uniti
Manzoni’s essay on the French revolution includes an American chapter, in which the author regards the American revolution as more just and effective than the French revolution. In support of this thesis, he quotes several sources: George Ban-croft’s History of the United States, the preface of the Declaration of Independence and the preamble of the Constitution of the United States. In this paper it will be proved that Manzoni, who did not know the English language, used some transla-tions, which he did not quote in the footnotes: French translations of Bancroft’s History and of the Declaration of Independence, and an Italian translation of the American Constitution.
Keywords: Manzoni, United States, revolution, translations, Guizot, Bancroft.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Elisa Ramazzina, The Old English Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost: the characterisation of Satan
The aim of this study is to determine whether and to what extent the English poet John Milton may have been influenced in the composition of Paradise Lost by the Old English poem known as Genesis B. The paper will examine similarities and dif-ferences in the characterisation of Satan and of the temptation of Adam and Eve in both poems. The comparison between two of the illuminations of the Junius 11 ms. and the corresponding passages in Paradise Lost will be part of the analysis.
Keywords: Old English, Genesis, Satan, Milton, Junius 11 manuscript
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Sara Scarpellini, Contributo per un’edizione critica della versione armena dell’Eutifrone di Platone: il manoscritto 1123 della Biblioteca dei Padri Mechitaristi di Venezia e l’edizione a stampa
The old Armenian Version of Plato’s Euthyphro is preserved in a unique manuscript (n. 1123) in the library of the San Lazzaro Fathers Mekitarists in Venice. In 1877 Fa-ther Suk‘rean edited this translation which was later studied by Frederick Cornwal-lis Conybeare in 1891 and by Roberto Solari in 1969, without re-examining the man-uscript accurately.
In this article, which is a first step to a future edition, I will submit the text of Fa-ther Suk‘rean’s work alongside an in-depth analysis of both the manuscript itself and the edition, in order to provide better readings from a philological and a lin-guistic point of view.
Keywords: Euthyphro, Plat, Armenian translation, manuscript
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Federica Venier, Intorno al volume: la lengua del imperio. La retorica del imperialismo en Roma y la globalizacion
Keywords: political rhetoric; imperialism; propaganda; ancient Rome; United States of America.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Recensioni
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Giovanni Gobber, Rassegna di Linguistica generale e di glottodidattica
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Enrica Galazzi e Chiara Molinari, Rassegna di Linguistica francese
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Margherita Ulrych e Amanda Murphy, Rassegna di Linguistica inglese
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Anna Bonola, Rassegna di Linguistica russa
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Federica Missaglia, Rassegna di Linguistica tedesca

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