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Peer review policy and deadlines

To ensure that only good science is published and in line with all reputable scientific journals, L’Analisi Linguistica e Letteraria adopts the method of double-blind peer review. All incoming manuscripts are peer reviewed following the procedure outlined below.

  1. The Editorial Board first evaluates all submitted manuscripts. Manuscripts rejected at this stage are not sufficiently original, have serious scientific drawbacks, use a very bad grammar or vocabulary, or fall outside the aims and scope of the journal. Those that meet the minimum criteria for admission are passed on to at least two expert referees.
  2. The Analisi Linguistica e Letteraria employs double-blind reviewing, in which the referees remain anonymous to the authors and vice-versa.
  3. Referees are chosen according to their expertise in relation to the topic of the article they are asked to review.
  4. Referees are asked to report on: originality of the articles; clarity and soundness of the methodology employed; relevance of results; clear and correct references to previous works; any ethical issues. It is not the referees’ task to revise grammar and vocabulary, but they may report on linguistic inaccuracies and suggest further revisions.
  5. Acceptance or rejection of the articles will be notified to the authors along with the referees’ reports.


The journal welcomes unsolicited manuscripts related to the fields of literature and linguistics.
To submit your manuscript, click here.
Guidelines for authors can be downloaded here.


Considering a period from 6 to 8 months for publication (from peer-review  to proof reading), a possible timing for submissions might be the following:

Issue Deadline for submissions
1 (Spring) July of the previous year
2 (Summer) November of the previous year
3 (Fall) March of the year in course

For example: in order to publish an article in the issue 2019/1, the suggested deadline would be July 2018.