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Fascicolo 2/2008

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M. Dascal- C. Ilie – A. Rocci – E. Rigotti – S. Bigi – S. Cigada – F. Ferrari – C. Mathon – M. Mathoul & V. Traverso & C. Plantin – S. Mazilu – S. Cavalieri – M. Dufour – M. D. Frumuşelu – A.-G. Niculescu-Gorpin – T. Popescu – M. Carcassonne, & M. Froment & C. Hudelot – S. Gilardoni – M. J. Myers – M. Gheorghe & S. Măda & R. Săftoiu – M. Ion – M. Mignini – R. Palmieri – D. Mazzi – M. Teresa Zanola – O. Chesnokova – E. Corino – A. Gâţă & D. Muraru – C. N. Plesa – D. Boothman – M. C. Gatti


DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Indice
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Marcelo Dascal, Towards a Dialectic of Tolerance
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Cornelia Ilie, Talking the talk, walking the walk: Candidate profiles in election campaign interviews
DOWNLOAD dell'articoloAndrea Rocci, Modals as lexical indicators of argumentation in predictions
DOWNLOAD dell'articoloEddo Rigotti, Locus a causa finali
DOWNLOAD dell'articoloSarah Bigi, Using keywords to analyze conflicts in doctor-patient consultations
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Sara Cigada, La Rhétorique du désintérêt dans le discours de Robespierre
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Federica Ferrari, Arguing for Love
DOWNLOAD dell'articoloCatherine Mathon, Expression of Anger in Spontaneous French Dialogues
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Maryline Mathoul & Véronique Traverso & Christian Plantin, Emotions, parcours émotionnels et construction de l’identité de victime
DOWNLOAD dell'articoloSimona Mazilu, Strategic Use of Emotional Terms in Ethical Argumentation on Abortion
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Silvia Cavalieri, The Witness Examination of Public Inquiries. A Case of Argumentative Dialogue
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Michel Dufour, On the public acknowledgment of the analytic-synthetic distinction
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Mihai Daniel Frumuşelu, Argument and pseudo-argument in a unique event in a communist dictatorship
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Anabella-Gloria Niculescu-Gorpin, Ad hoc concepts and argumentation in political debates
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Teodora Popescu, Emotive Argumentation Exponents in Computer-Mediated Dialogue. The case of a Romanian politician’s blog
DOWNLOAD dell'articoloMarie Carcassonne, & Mireille Froment & Christian Hudelot, Wording viewpoints at school in debates about relationships with others
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Silvia Gilardoni, Argumentation in classroom interaction. Teaching and learning Italian as a second language
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Marie J. Myers, How does argumentative structure play out when commenting on a theoretical text in one’s second language?
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Mihaela Gheorghe & Stanca Măda & Răzvan Săftoiu, Decision-Making Process in some Romanian Workplace Meetings
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Marioara Ion, L’argumentation dans la négociation commerciale
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Marta Mignini, Acts in the Letter to Shareholders
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Rudi Palmieri, Argumentative dialogues in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As): evidence from investors and analysts conference calls
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Davide Mazzi, “These data emphasize a role for Treg cells, but do not eliminate the possibility that…”: a Textual Study of Connectives in Scientific Discourse
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Maria Teresa Zanola, La notion de ‘pratique’ dans des dialogues de sujet scientifique au XVIe siècle
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Olga Chesnokova, Argumentation across Contrasts in M. de Unamuno’s “Two Mothers”
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Elisa Corino, Do you (dis)agree? Investigating agreement and disagreement in Newsgroups interaction
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Anca Gâţă & Daniela Muraru, The mediator as meaning negotiator
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Carmen Nedelea Plesa, L’implicite – caractéristique foncière de l’argumentation littéraire
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Derek Boothman, Translating the lexical item: arguing over dominance, domination and hegemony
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Maria Cristina Gatti, Dialogue Markers in Translation

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