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F. Ricci Garotti – M. Bonifazio – M. Serio – L. Devilla – A. Raimondi – L. Salvato – G. Gobber – E. Galazzi e C. Molinari – M. Ulrych e A. Murphy – A. Bonola – F. Missaglia


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DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Federica Ricci Garotti, Passione o leggerezza? Un’analisi contrastiva di pubblicità italiane e tedesche
What is the relationship existing between food and identity? How do advertisements contribute to a deeper understanding of both one’s own culture and those of other countries? This is one of the questions this paper tries to answer through a small but significant corpus of commercials in Italian and German which promote the same brands in both countries, Italy and Germany, by means of different communicative strategies. Following some of the most recent studies about the multimodal text and the theory of speech acts, we can analyze both the visual and the language elements that allow us to compare the relationship between the two cultures and their food tradition. Particularly interesting are commercials of Italian food for the German public and conversely of German food for the Italian public. Language and cultural stereotyped images enrich the intercultural dialogue between the two cultures, a dialogue which has always been complex and certainly never banal. The findings are unexpected: more traditional and informative strategies used by German advertisements versus ambiguous and opaque expressions in the Italian messages. This difference may suggest that the Italian representation of food exerts a greater influence over the tastes and ideas of others rather than the German one does.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Massimo Bonifazio, “Dieta rigorosa, dicevamo”. Annotazioni sul cibo nella narrativa di Thomas Mann
Food and eating descriptions play a central role in Thomas Manns narrative: they are a suitable device for portraying characters and situations by mixing reality and symbols, and can be interpreted at different levels. The paper will investigate in particular the role of food descriptions in the short story Der Tod in Venedig (1912) and in the novel Buddenbrooks (1901).
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Marco Serio, Die Weltzweiheit als Wahrnehmungsmuster im Gedichtbuch „Die Bettlerschale“ von Christine Lavant
This essay deals with the interpretation of selected poems taken from the volume Die Bettlerschale (1956) by the hermetic Austrian poet Christine Lavant, whose biography was marked by poverty, chronic illnesses, pain, suffering and a personal religious crisis in response to the strict Catholicism of her native rural Carinthia. In particular this paper analyses the poems according to her fragmented self, split into an earthly and a spiritual dimension.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Lorenzo Devilla, L’image de la Sardaigne dans les guides touristiques français et italiens
This article analyses the representation of Sardinia through a contrastive approach, comparing a corpus of French tourist guides and the Italian guide edited by the Touring Club. This investigation, however, does not aim at analysing stereotypical images, but it rather focuses on the processes of enunciation in which stereotypes take place. On the basis of recent studies in the field of pragmatics of tourism communication and tourism discourse analysis, adjectivation and some phenomena of linguistic and discourse stereotyping are analysed, including cliché of denomination, quoting and comparisons.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Andrea Raimondi, Dialetto e identità nei racconti di Beppe Fenoglio
The concept of identity is intrinsically ambivalent, and used in a variety of contexts. As a multi-faceted phenomenon, identity has generated numerous studies in the last fifty years, but what interests me, for the purpose of my research, is the appearance, from the early 1980s, of studies focusing on the linguistic aspects of identity. Language is indeed the most evident marker of personal identity, and the first instrument we use to negotiate our relationships with others. In the first part of this paper some theories on the language/identity relationship are briefly examined, such as, for example, Le Page and Tabouret-Keller’s acts of identity theory, and Howard Giles’ language accommodation theory. Then, such theories are applied to some passages taken from Beppe Fenoglio’s rural short stories, where some characters decide to resort to Piedmontese dialect, in order to explain the language switch, and demonstrate how dialects can also contribute to assert speakers’ personal identity and their belonging to a social group.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Lucia Salvato, Recensioni
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Giovanni Gobber, Rassegna di Linguistica generale e di Glottodidattica
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Enrica Galazzi e Chiara Molinari, Rassegna di Linguistica francese
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Margherita Ulrych e Amanda Murphy, Rassegna di Linguistica inglese
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Anna Bonola, Rassegna di Linguistica russa
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Federica Missaglia, Rassegna di Linguistica tedesca

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