Year 29 No. 1 (2021):

Le ‘silence prodigieux’ des montagnes dans Siloé de Paul Gadenne

Pascale Janot
Università di Trieste – IUSLIT

Published 06/30/2021


  • Gadenne,
  • Siloé,
  • silence,
  • forms,
  • cartography

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Janot, P. (2021). Le ‘silence prodigieux’ des montagnes dans Siloé de Paul Gadenne. L’Analisi Linguistica E Letteraria, 29(1), 81–96. Retrieved from


In Siloé, Paul Gadenne’s (1941) first novel, silence forms part of the poetic of the mountainous landscape that the main character, Simon Delambre, crisscrosses and describes. After falling ill with tuberculosis, this brilliant Hellenist must leave behind his former life and enter a sanatorium at Crêt d’Armenaz. It is here that he will continue his inner quest through the contemplation of Nature, and undergo this ‘trial by silence’ which will awaken his creativity. The article analyses how Gadenne ‘plays’ the full range of silences in the mountains.