Year 15 No. 1 (2007): Issue 1/2007

Descrivere il vino: analisi semantico-lessicale di una terminologia specialistica

Published 06/10/2008

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Gilardoni, S. (2008). Descrivere il vino: analisi semantico-lessicale di una terminologia specialistica. L’Analisi Linguistica E Letteraria, 15(1), 25–46. Retrieved from


This paper aims at analyzing the Italian terminology used to describe wine and its characteristics, in order to identify lexical variations and recurring communicative strategies within specific textual genres of the wine sector. The research is based on a corpus of Italian written texts, which describe the analytical, organoleptic and sensorial characteristics of Italian wines (colour, smell, taste, tactile sensations). The corpus includes different text types, such as promotional brochures, web pages, wine guides, specialized magazines and regulations on wine production, offering a representative sample of various kinds of communication. After drawing a conceptual map of the wine tasting terminology, and outlining the different contexts of interaction and correspondent communicative flows, the analysis has focused on the most relevant lexical, rhetorical and stylistic aspects of the corpus.