Year 31 No. 2 (2023): Issue 2/2023

Sulle forme del poema georgico italiano tra XIV e XVI secolo

Università della Tuscia

Published 10/25/2023


  • Italian poetry,
  • Didactic Poetry,
  • Georgic Poetry,
  • Medieval Poetry,
  • Renaissance Poetry

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CORTESI, A. (2023). Sulle forme del poema georgico italiano tra XIV e XVI secolo. L’Analisi Linguistica E Letteraria, 31(2), 39–56. Retrieved from


The essay examines the beginnings of the Italian didactic-georgic poem through the most significant episodes between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries (the works of Paganino Bonafè, Michelangelo Tanaglia, Giovanni Rucellai and Luigi Alamanni), shedding light on the historical and cultural context in which they were elaborated, comparing structural elements and highlighting some stylistic-linguistic characteristics peculiar to the single works. The aim is to show the progressive departure of the genre from purely practical precepts towards more poetically sustained forms characterised by the imitation of Greek and Latin models.