Year 31 No. 3 (2023): Issue 3/2023

Letters to father, wife and last love: Vasilii Grossman's epistolary legacy

Anna Krasnikova
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Published 01/16/2024


  • Vasilii Grossman,
  • Corrispondence,
  • Archival research

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Krasnikova, A., & Volokhova, J. (2024). Letters to father, wife and last love: Vasilii Grossman’s epistolary legacy. L’Analisi Linguistica E Letteraria, 31(3). Retrieved from


The paper presents three important non-published corpora of Grossman’s letters that the authors of the article prepare for the publication. First – Grossman’s letters to his father Solomon Iosifovich (1873-1956); these are familiar to his biographers but unknown to the general reader. Second – the letters between Grossman and his wife Ol'ga Mikhailovna Guber (1906-1988); this corpus has long been known about, but until now no scholar has had the opportunity to read even a significant part of it. Third – a collection known only to a few people – Grossman’s letters to his last love, Ekaterina Zabolotskaia (1906-1997). Through reading the entire corpora of letters readers will, for the first time, be granted the opportunity to get to know Grossman not through the interpretations of scholars, but directly, without any filter.