Year 32 No. 1 (2024): Issue 1/2024

Traducibilità della poesia araba in italiano: impossibilità parziali

Gassid Hoseini
Università di Ca Foscari

Published 04/02/2024

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Hoseini, G. (2024). Traducibilità della poesia araba in italiano: impossibilità parziali. L’Analisi Linguistica E Letteraria, 32(1). Retrieved from


This article aims to address the theory of the impossibility of translating poetry, in particular, the translation of Arabic poetry into Italian. We will point to the fact that the supporters of this theory are based on the matter of form, specifically rhythm and rhyme, leaving content aside. In this article , We'll demonstrate that contemporary poetry does not assign the importance to metrics that it did in the past, therefore giving a greater margin to the translator's choices. We are trying to dismantle the theory of absolute impossibility, replacing it with partial impossibility, which consists of limited elements or specific difficulties in a poetry text. We are going to look at the types of partial impossibility and, through some examples of translation from the Arabic language, we will see how to find a potential solution.