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J. Rock – D. Puato – M. F. Bonadonna – N. Stoyanova – M. Di Salvo – L. Mor – M. Diez – M. Verna e M. Calusio – G. Gobber – E. Galazzi e C.Molinari – M. Ulrych e A. Murphy – A. Bonola – F. Missaglia


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DOWNLOAD dell'articolo James Rock, Exploring vocabulary-related epistemological beliefs with Q-methodology
In recent decades, a significant amount of research has focused on understanding the motivation behind the adoption of certain vocabulary learning strategies by some learners and not by others. This has involved investigating numerous variables, including amongst others learner aptitude, motivation, the role of the teacher, and self-efficacy beliefs. In this paper, attention was given to exploring vocabulary-related epistemological beliefs, in an effort to understand which epistemological belief dimensions were more or less favoured by 40 Italian university learners of English as a foreign language. Using a technique known as Q-methodology, the investigation revealed that although the participants shared many vocabulary-related epistemological beliefs, there were also some important differences among learners. These particularly related to how dependent learners were on an external source of knowledge and their views on the certainty of knowledge.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Daniela Puato, Gli atti direttivi nei foglietti illustrativi dei medicinali tedeschi
In this paper I analyze the directive speech acts of a corpus of German patient information leaflets for prescription medications. In particular, I  escribe them with particular attention to their different linguistic realizations and degree of directiveness. As a result, it can be stated that the imperative and sollten are the typical linguistic expressions of directiveness in this text genre, in contrast with other genres of the instructive category, which are characterized by the use of the infinitive form. Most importantly, a tendency to the desemantisation of canonic forms of directiveness can be observed. It thus emerges that the difficult comprehensibility of information leaflets is determined not only by lexical and syntactic but also by pragmatic aspects.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Maria Francesca Bonadonna, Il fascismo contro i francesismi della moda. Il Commentario dizionario di Cesare Meano
The Commentario Dizionario Italiano della Moda by Cesare Meano was published in 1936 by the fascist regime, in order to defend the strategic field of fashion from foreign importations. Following an introduction dedicated to the general features of the work, rarely studied in the field of Linguistics, this article examines the treatment of French terms in the final Guida, destinated to the translation of loans into Italian. The third section offers some remarks about the impact of the volume and of the translation solutions from French.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Nataliya Stoyanova, Complessità della gerarchizzazione sintattica in L2: confronto fra il russo degli apprendenti italofoni e quello dei parlanti nativi
It is commonly held that second language learners start with quite primitive syntactic structures and then gradually approach their syntax to the target language norm. Some functional approaches to SLA consider the whole acquisitional process to be a consecutive ‘syntactization’, when learners pass from the pragmatic mode to the syntactic mode. I decided to verify if this works when learners’ native language is more hypotactic than their second language, so I created a bilingual corpus of written descriptions of seven episodes of the mute film Modern Times, which comprehend productions
in Russian L2 of italophones, Italian L1 (more hypotactic) and Russian L1 (less hypotactic), and I analyzed the complexity of macro-syntactic hirarchies used in the corpus. In this article I will describe the observed data and I will demonstrate that the level of complexity of macro-syntactic hierarchies used by Italians when speaking Russian L2, even on beginner stages of acquisition, is superior to the complexity of Russian L1 macro-syntactic hierarchies. I will eventually argue that, regarding syntactic complexity, the explicative hypothesis of the influence of mother tongue is much more valid than the one of a still immature competence in second language.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Margherita Di Salvo, Lingua italiana e immagini dell’Italia nella scrittura migrante di Concetta Coppolino
Concetta Coppolino, born in Mazzarà Sant’Andrea (ME) in 1939, migrated to Cambridge (UK) as servant. When she arrived in England in 1957, she did’t know English at all. But, after many years in England and without any school in English, she learnt English and she wrote two English novels:
A Difficult Situation and A Volcanic Destiny. On her first novel, A Difficult Situation, we intend to focus on in this paper, whose aim is its linguistic and cultural analysis.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Lucia Mor, Die Literarisierung des entzifferten Ägypten. Wissenschaft und Fiktion im Roman Uarda (1877) von Georg Ebers (1837-1898)
In the context of nineteenth-century orientalism, the narrative production of the Berlin-born Egyptologist George Ebers (1837-1898), whose novels fall within the category of Professorenroman, plays a significant role. Standing on the confines between literature and historiography, Ebers’ works set in Egypt gave rise to an authentic mania for Egypt and made the people, events, habits and customs of the ancient country of the Nile, which at that time were being studied by the first generation of German Egyptologists (Lepsius, Brugsch), familiar to a vast public of readers; but the literary transposition of the ancient Egyptian world was also an opportunity to write about the burning religious, political and social questions of the day. The analysis of the successful novel Uarda, printed in thousands of copies, intends not only to focus on Ebers’sWeltanschauung, but also to contribute to rediscover a writer who, although not outstanding from a literary point of view, represents a significant part of the Wilhelmian Zeitgeist.
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Martino Diez, I talismani di al-Maʿarrī: il prologo dell’Epistola del perdono e una divagazione in rima
The article analyses and translates two passages from the Epistle of Forgiveness, a masterpiece of the poet-philosopher Abū l-ʿAlāʾ al-Maʿarrī. The rich prologue in rhymed prose, already translated into German and commented on by Gregor Schoeler, and a philological digression according to the letters of the alphabet complete the picture of the first part of the Epistle of Forgiveness, dedicated to the journey of Ibn al-Qārih into the afterworld.
The appendix contains some corrections and annotations of the translation of the Epistle published by Einaudi (Turin 2011).
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Marisa Verna e Maurizia Calusio, Recensioni
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Giovanni Gobber, Rassegna di Linguistica generale e di Glottodidattica
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Enrica Galazzi e Chiara Molinari, Rassegna di Linguistica francese
DOWNLOAD dell'articoloMargherita Ulrych e Amanda Murphy, Rassegna di Linguistica inglese
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Anna Bonola, Rassegna di Linguistica russa
DOWNLOAD dell'articolo Federica Missaglia, Rassegna di Linguistica tedesca

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