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Authors’ Area

Articles submitted must follow the Journal Guidelines, downloadable here.

Articles submitted for publication are subjected, prior examination by the Editorial Board of the Journal, to double-blind peer reviewing. The reviewers do not know the identity of the author nor the author knows the identity of the reviewers judging his contribution.

Reviewers are selected by the Editorial Board along with the scientific coordination of the different specific areas. The Editorial Board is also responsible for resolving any differences of opinion between reviewers.

Reviewers reports will be formulated on the basis of the following criteria: relevance, originality, scientific relevance of the contribution; quality of argumentation; validity of the scientific method; adequacy of the bibliographical references.

Possible outcomes:

  1. The article can be published as it is;
  2. The article can be published with minor changes;
  3. The article can be published with major changes;
  4. The article cannot be published.

The Editorial Board can ask authors to adjust their articles so that they follow the editorial guidelines of the Journal even before the reviewing process starts.

The Journal has no submission fees nor APC (Article Processing Charges). Publication of articles is therefore completely free of charge.