Year 32 No. 1 (2024): Issue 1/2024

Poesia originale e poesia in traduzione: quale rapporto?

Published 04/02/2024


  • Giovanni Giudici,
  • Angelo Maria Ripellino,
  • Alessandro Niero,
  • Poetry translated by poets

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Niero, A. (2024). Poesia originale e poesia in traduzione: quale rapporto?. L’Analisi Linguistica E Letteraria, 32(1). Retrieved from


In this article – which partially refers to the author’s own experience as a translator – some examples of the dynamics that arise when a poet translates poetry are given; i.e. what relationship there is between writing as such and writing as a result of a translation. The examples concern: the use of rhymes in the poetry of Giovanni Giudici and in his Italian translation of Aleksandr Puškin’s Evgenij Onegin; the amount of rhetorical instrumentation used by Angelo Maria Ripellino when translating Vladimir Majakovskij’s Lenin; the way Mr. Cogito (a character created by the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert) and the formal traditionalism of 20th century Russian poetry heavily influenced the poetry of the author of the article.